What Are the Warning Signs You Need Melanoma Treatment?

What Are the Warning Signs You Need Melanoma Treatment?

Melanoma is a common yet serious form of skin cancer. While it accounts for just a small portion of skin cancer cases, it causes a majority of skin cancer deaths. Knowing what to look for can help you seek professional help and receive melanoma treatment promptly if needed. The dermatologists at Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center in North Carolina want you to be aware of how you can spot the disease and what can be done to treat it.

A Dermatologist’s Guide to Melanoma Treatment

What Are the Signs of Melanoma?

melanoma skin insection - thomasville Melanoma is often characterized by an unusual skin growth. Dermatologists recommend applying the “ABCDEs” of melanoma when performing self-evaluations to look for signs: asymmetrical, borders, colors, diameter, and evolution. Cancerous moles often have asymmetrical edges and uneven borders and may have multiple colors. They are usually larger in diameter (but not always) than noncancerous moles, and their appearance may change over time. While these tactics can be useful for spotting suspicious symptoms, they should be used strictly as guidelines. Every mole is different, and not all types of skin cancer will follow the same pattern described above. Some may bleed, itch, and experience difficulty healing as well. Visiting a dermatologist regularly is therefore critically important, as these trained professionals are adept at spotting early signs of all forms of skin cancer to facilitate the most effective possible treatment.

How Is Melanoma Treated?

Melanoma treatments are recommended based on how far the cancer has spread. When found early, melanoma can be removed through aggressive excisional surgery. Other forms of therapy, such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, lymph node evaluation and radiation, may be recommended when patients have more progressive stages of the disease.

The most effective way to ensure your skin is safe and healthy is to see your dermatologist regularly for a full evaluation. Thomasville Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center offers complete skin cancer screenings. Learn more by visiting their website or call (336) 625-8410 to schedule an appointment in their Asheboro office, (336) 475-8410 for their Thomasville location, and (910) 673-8410 for the West End facility.

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