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A Dermatologist Explains What You Need to Know About Cysts

Skin cysts are likely something you’ve seen before and perhaps you have had one. Some are harmless, while others can be problematic, which is why it’s important to understand them and know when you need consultation with a dermatologist. Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center with locations in Asheboro, Seven Lakes, Thomasville, and opening soon in Albemarle, NC, places a major emphasis on patient education and wants to provide a complete guide to skin cysts, including types and treatment options.

What are cysts on the skin?What Are Skin Cysts?

Cysts are any growth on the skin that bulges outward and contain a liquid, gas, or semi-solid material. They come in a variety of sizes and can occur anywhere on the body. In most cases, they aren’t cancerous, though it’s always best to consult with a dermatologist. They can be painful if infected and they have multiple possible causes. They may be linked to infections, parasites, or chronic inflammation, but they’re typically caused when blockages occur in your body’s drainage system.

Types of Cysts

There is a wide variety of different cysts. Acne cysts, for example, are related to blocked pores; dentigerous cysts occur when a tooth doesn’t fully break through the gums. Others are tied to organs, such as ovarian cysts and pineal gland cysts. Some, like Bartholin’s cysts, may be caused by STDs or multiple forms of bacteria. It’s important to see a dermatologist if you have a cyst so that they can make a proper diagnosis and decide how to treat it.

How Are They Treated?

Several factors play into cyst treatments, with location, size, and patient discomfort being the most important. A dermatologist can remove large cysts or those that may be malignant through surgery. In most cases, basic cysts can simply be drained, though you should never try this at home. If they’re connected to an underlying medical condition, your dermatologist and physician may want to work together to decide on a course of action, which is why treatment varies from patient to patient.

Whether you’re dealing with cysts or are just overdue for an exam, turn to the staff at Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center. They’ve offered comprehensive skin care services since 1996, including MOHS surgery for skin cancer removal. Their providers are committed to keeping patients healthy and will work closely with you to ensure skin treatments are effective. Call (336) 625-8410 today to schedule an appointment in Asheboro or the new Albemarle office or dial (910) 673-8410 for their West End office and 336-475-8410 for the Thomasville location. Visit their website and Facebook page to learn more.

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