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A Dermatologist on Common Symptoms of Skin Cancer

Being diagnosed with skin cancer by a dermatologist can be a very worrisome experience. However, the sooner you receive your diagnosis, the sooner you can undergo skin cancer treatment, which greatly increases your chance of a successful recovery. The team at Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center in North Carolina knows that early diagnosis is an important aspect of care. That’s why they offer the following advice to ensure people know how to identify skin cancer.

mole found on skinCommon Symptoms of Skin Cancer

With basal cell carcinomas, lesions tend to look pale or waxy, and often appear on the head or neck. They also tend to be quite sensitive and bleed easily when aggravated. Squamous cell carcinoma typically appears as a firm bump that is found on the head and neck, as well as the arms and hands. Melanomas are a more serious type of skin cancer that present different symptoms. Moles on the skin will have irregular edges and can vary in color, especially in the center. Unlike other types of skin cancer, melanomas are often found in areas that don’t get much sun exposure. Larger moles should be assessed by a dermatologist immediately so you can begin treatment.

Types of Treatments Offered

For most types of skin cancer, Mohs surgery has proven to be quite effective. This procedure entails multiple stages, during which layers of tissue are removed while the dermatologist searches for additional cancer cells using an on-site lab. This allows precise removal of cancerous cells while leaving any healthy tissue intact to minimize scarring. Curettage is another treatment option that is typically reserved for smaller areas of cancerous tissue. Using a specially designed instrument called a curette, the dermatologist scrapes away tissue before cauterizing the site to stem bleeding. Doctors can also remove cancerous tissue via freezing or scalpel.

If you’re concerned about your skin cancer risk, Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center is here to help. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, their team of skilled dermatologists will evaluate your condition and offer an effective treatment solution. Call (336) 625-8410 today to schedule your appointment at the Asheboro office. They also have a West End office that you can reach at (910) 673-8410 You can also find helpful information to help you prepare for your appointment online.

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