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Dermatologist Answers Top 4 FAQs About Warts

Sometimes, a wart is little more than a minor annoyance that simply goes away on its own. In many other cases, though, warts do not respond to over-the-counter treatments and instead require help from a dermatologist. If you have a stubborn wart that will not go away—or keeps coming back after it does—turn to Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center in Asheboro, West End, Albemarle and Thomasville NC. Their seasoned team will be happy to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your recurring warts and answer all your questions on the subject.

4 FAQs About Warts

What Causes Warts?

Warts arise as the result of contact with certain viruses. They are essentially a kind of infection, and as a result, they are more likely to develop on damaged or broken skin that is already vulnerable and cannot fend off the human papillomavirus effectively.

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Can Warts Spread From Person to Person?

Warts are contagious and can spread through direct contact with the skin. You can spread warts from one area of the body to another or from one person to another simply by touching the wart or by touching an item that came in contact with the wart.

Can You Treat Warts at Home?

Certain warts respond well to over-the-counter treatments like salicylic acid plaster. However, it typically takes several weeks or even months for them to disappear entirely. The most efficient way to remove warts safely is to turn to your dermatologist. After examining the wart, they may recommend freezing or burning it off. Surgical removal is also an option.

Are Some People More Prone to Developing Warts Than Others?

Researchers have not been able to determine why yet, but some individuals are more susceptible to warts than others. Additionally, children are more likely to develop warts than adults because they have not yet built up immunity to many strains of the human papillomavirus.

If you need wart treatment, turn to Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center. You can learn more about the skin treatments they offer by visiting their website. To schedule an appointment with a skin care specialist in Asheboro, call (336) 625-8410; in West End please call (910) 673-8410; in Albemarle call (704) 982-8410; and in Thomasville, call 336-475-8410.

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