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Dermatologist in Thomasville Explains Psoriasis

Ongoing skin problems might seem like a simple quirk, but if you have psoriasis, your condition can grow out of control faster than you might think. For this reason, it is recommended that you become familiar with the symptoms, causes, and triggers tied to this condition. Here is a little more information about psoriasis, how to recognize it, and how professional dermatologists can help:

  • Symptoms:Psoriasis is a skin condition that alters the normal life cycle of cells. Common symptoms of psoriasis include patches of red, cracked skin that bleed easily, itchy spots of skin that feel sore, swollen joints, and thickened nails that may contain ridges or pitting. While psoriasis can be uncomfortable, it isn’t fatal and can be treated effectively with medication and lifestyle changes.
  • Causes: Although research is still ongoing, the cause of psoriasis isn’t completely clear. However, scientists suspect that psoriasis is related to the immune response of white blood cells called T lymphocytes. In people without psoriasis, these T cells travel through the body to identify and kill foreign substances and pathogens. However, in people who have psoriasis, these T cells attack healthy skin cells.
  • Triggers: Research has also shown that psoriasis seems to be triggered by certain environmental factors and behaviors, such as cold or dry weather, trauma, stress, and even infections. Medications have also been shown to spark psoriasis outbreaks, especially when medicines contain lithium.
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If you have psoriasis, don’t despair. By carefully evaluating your condition, your dermatology provider can recommend treatments that meld well with your lifestyle. From effective topical creams that manage outbreaks to identifying your personal triggers, working with a team of professionals can make all the difference in the world.

The Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center in Thomasville services patients from all over Davidson County, NC. There are additional locations in Asheboro (336-625-8410), Pinehurst/West End (910-673-8410), and Albemarle (704-982-8410), NC. For more information about the Thomasville location, visit them online

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