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Different Types, Different Treatments: 3 Unique Acne Treatments

Everyone craves clear skin, so when acne gets in the way, it’s not only irritating, but also your self-esteem may be affected. Thankfully, knowing the different types of acne will help you recognize your issues, as well as learning exactly how to handle them. The correct acne treatments will make all the difference in your skin’s appearance. For over 20 years, North Carolina’s Dermatology & Skin Surgery Centers have provided a wide range of treatments for skin issues, from mole removal to skin cancer including melanoma treatment. Whether you’re suffering from eczema or acne, these dermatology experts have you covered. Here, they share helpful acne treatments for the most common types:

blackheads dermatologist North Carolina


Blackheads are one of the most common forms of acne, and they’re easy to spot. You don’t need a dermatologist to diagnose the tiny, but noticeable, black pinpoint blemishes that commonly appear on your nose, cheeks, and forehead. Blackheads are open, allowing oxidation of debris inside the follicle. You can conquer blackheads at home with two key ingredients: benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Regular cleansing leads to noticeable results over time, but you can also ask your dermatologist about prescription creams to more efficiently unplug pores.


Whiteheads are closed blemishes with whitish heads, a result of follicles getting clogged with oil and dead skin cells. While your skin requires oil for natural nourishment, excess oil leads to over-clogged pores. They can be banished the same way as blackheads: at home using quality products containing the ingredients benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.


Papules are a more serious form of acne, a stage when bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells have caused significant redness and inflammation. These unattractive pimples can lead to scarring down the road, so soothing the area is a vital aspect of treatment. Your dermatologist will likely prescribe a stronger medicine or combination of medicines to help soothe and treat the areas, such as oral antibiotics and for more severe cases, generic Accutane. Your dermatological provider may also recommend topical prescription creams or gels.

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