lsotretinoin (Accutane) Therapy Recommendations

Please read completely before starting your lsotretinoin !

DO NOT use your other “acne medications” (prior OTC products or prescriptions)

DO NOT get in a tanning bed

DO NOT get excessive sunshine unless you are very careful with protection. Some patients burn easier on this medication. 11Test the waters 11, so to speak, before taking chances with a lot of sun – SPF 30+ sweat-proof sunscreen will help.

DO NOT use Tylenol/Acetaminophen except occasionally. A few Tylenol a week will not harm you, but do not take it regularly or in large quantities

DO NOT drink alcohol

DO NOT take supplemental Vitamin A in high doses. If you take a 11normal 11 (not high potency) vitamin daily, cut your dosing to 2-3 per week rather than daily.

DO take lsotretinoin after meals if possible (it 1s absorbed better). It is probably ideal to take it after your evening meal – this will help with sun sensitivity the following day as less will be in your serum than would be if taken after breakfast. It is OK to take after any meal, but after the evening meal makes the best sense. It will NOT harm you to take it on an empty stomach; it just isn1t absorbed as well.

DO use Dove unscented or similar soap to cleanse body and face

DO use Cetaphil Cream or Aveeno Cream to keep your skin from drying out

DO use Aguaphor Healing Ointment (buy this OTC) VERY frequently on your lips and face and even up in your nostrils (to prevent nosebleeds). You cannot over-utilize this product. It is EXCELLENT!!

DO use Theratears (or similar eye drops) frequently if you experience dry eyes

DO call us for any questions or for any unusual symptoms (bad headaches, bad dizziness, excessive mood swings etc.)

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