New West End location opens in November

West End / Pinehurst Office - Dermatology and Skin Surgery Center

Though Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center has grown since we began in 1997, our biggest “expansion” is on the horizon. In November of 2014, we will open our 2nd location in West End, N.C. (Seven Lakes). We are excited to enter this new phase of development. Many of our current patients travel from Moore…

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What you need to know about Malignant Melanoma

Malignant Melanoma

Malignant Melanoma is a greatly feared type of skin cancer. It is becoming more common over time. This cancer begins from melanocytes, which are pigment producing cells in the body. The vast majority of Melanomas begin in the skin, but they can also occur in other locations occasionally. Melanoma, like most cancers, is usually treated…

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What is MOHS Surgery?

Mohs Surgery

Skin Cancer is exceptionally common. The most common types of skin cancers are Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Malignant Melanoma. Skin Cancer can be treated by various modalities depending upon multiple factors. One specialized and highly useful treatment is called MOHS Surgery (also known as MOHS Chemosurgery or MOHS Micrographic Surgery). This type…

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Learning about Accutane


Many dermatology patients have either severe/scarring acne or acne that is just “stubborn/resilient” despite aggressive treatment. For these patients, the ideal treatment is an oral drug called Isotretinoin. Most of the public know this drug better by the name Accutane. Accutane was created and marketed for decades by Roche Pharmaceuticals. However, interestingly enough, the “name…

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